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Don't let the ticks win

Lyme disease: Text

Our approach to chronic Lyme disease

Chronic Lyme Disease is one of the most devastating illnesses to contract and one of the most difficult infections to treat. Most patients that present to Lifespan Center for Integrative Medicine have been experiencing Lyme symptoms for months or even years and have undergone numerous therapeutic interventions with varying degrees of success. The standard medical treatment involves months of antibiotics, it is frequently ineffective for eliminating the Lyme organism.

Dr. Rawson offers a non-traditional, integrative medical approach to the treatment of chronic Lyme. The multi-pronged approach includes high-dose vitamin C (given frequently), IV ozone, IV silver hydrosol, nutritional support, toxic metal chelation and general medical detoxification. He has seen dramatic reductions of symptoms that are long-lasting and reproducible.

Lyme disease: Text
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