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A Functional Medicine Approach

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Functional and Integrative Medicine Consultations

Consultations at Lifespan are done either in-person or virtually, with Dr. Deppe and Dr. Rawson.  We seek to work in partnership with you to determine and address the root cause(s) of your health issues.  We spend significant time with you, exploring all aspects of your medical and lifestyle history.  We consider the genetic and epigenetic factors that are unique to you.  It is not enough to just put a name to your condition--we also help you discover the precipitating factors and underlying causes.  We utilize both standard and "outside-the-box" diagnostic testing.  Therapy plans are highly personalized and typically take a multi-faceted approach toward your health optimization--with nutrition, exercise, supplements, meditation, sleep as foundational, and other interventions (infusions, energetic treatments, medications, peptides...) as indicated.

Overview of labs offered…

Our labs include blood, salivary, urine and stool testing. We partner with LabCorp and offer blood draws in clinic, or at a LabCorp location near you. Specialty lab kits may be picked up in the clinic or shipped directly to your home. 

  • Neuroendocrine testing:

    • Hypothalamic pituitary axis test - using salivary samples to test the stress response with cortisol sampled throughout the day as well as DHEA-S

    • Female hormone panel - using serum and/or salivary testing for estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol levels to assess pre-, peri- and post menopausal hormone levels

    • 28-day female hormone panel - using salivary testing for estrogen, progesterone throughout the cycle to assess infertility, PMS, and other female hormone-related symptoms

    • Male hormone panel - using serum and/or salivary or urine tests for testosterone, DHEA and other sex hormones

    • Comprehensive thyroid testing

  • Gastrointestinal testing:

    • GI microbiome and gut health - stool testing for beneficial bacteria; gut parasites, yeast and other pathogens; gut inflammation; intestinal permeability; pancreatic and gallbladder function; hydrochloric acid production

    • SIBO evaluation - at home breath test to assess for methane or hydrogen producing SIBO

    • Food sensitivities including gluten sensitivity

  • Cardiovascular testing:

    • Cardiometabolic health - serum testing for markers of heart disease, including specialized lipid testing, A1c and fasting insulin to assess overall cardiovascular health 

  • Neurotransmitter evaluation

    • Urine testing to assess markers of serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine production

  • Toxicity evaluation:

    • Markers for toxicity and efficiency of detoxification pathways

    • Mold exposures

  • And more:

    • Comprehensive nutrient evaluation

    • Mitochondrial energy production and carbohydrate, fatty acid metabolism

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